Richard Cardone

What do Miss America, Cindy Crawford, and a princess from Saudi Arabia all have in common? They, along with a host of A-List Pittsburgh celebrities have all come to Richard Cardone to color their hair.

Richard, an icon in the hair coloring industry, has been doing hair for the past five decades. Not only has he practiced the art but has also taught it to thousands of stylists. He has produced signature scents for cosmetic companies and even designed his own line of foundation for burn victims in West Penn Hospital.

He was the International Artistic Director for Clairol Inc. He has also been featured in Vogue, The L Magazine and Bride Magazine, to name a few. Richard was one of four colorists who designed a professional hair color line for other colorists. Presently, he is also an artistic designer for Loreal/Matrix.

Richard’s shop is nestled in the North Hills on Babcock Blvd. You can find him there several days a week as he focuses on his local clientele. “I love the diversity of working here. Someone new is in your chair every day. Whether they are celebrities or community members, I just love constantly meeting new people as well as seeing the warmth of a familiar face.